DSG Finance

DSG Group is a group of companies, specialized in UK motor finance.

They have different brands that work with Dealer Networks (DSG Finance and Prestige), Car Supermarkets and Independent dealers (Connected Car Finance), Directly with consumers (Flow and Magnitude) and have a lender (Unity Auto Finance).

DSG acts like a broker introducing dealers or end customers to lenders and their finance products. They are not independent financial advisors. They provide details on different offers but don't advise or recommend.


SG had clear what they were trying to achieve with an effective CRM:

Have a centralized and protected database - they were basically using excel spreadsheets to manage contacts, having no record/history of activity with their contacts. Using a single platform (CRM) would allow a unique source of data for all departments and business units.

Improve productivity of the sales team - support sales teams on time management, increase visibility on sales activity levels and identify areas for improvement.


Keep track of Finance Simulations done through a Calculator available in Magnitude Finance website (record contact details, financial details and # calculations per contact).

Automate the process (via Pipeline) of monitoring incoming finance proposals, for all DSG brands. Information is received and updated via an integration with their Proposal Management system (PMS).

Automatically and dynamically classify Dealers according to proposals activity & volume (Monthly Scheduled Workflow).

Migrate contact and proposal data available in their PMS and in Mailchimp.

Automate leads handover from Lead Generation agency to Magnitude team. Lead is received, validated if existing or not in database, and attributed or not  to the agency (according to specific rules)

Implementation Details:
Used Pipedream for integrations:
Integrated a website calculator - lead generation engine
Integrated Hubspot and Aquarius (their Proposal Management System) - to synchronize information about proposals and revenue generated

Timeline: 3.5 Months

"The team at Periti were great to work with on what we considered to be a complex, multi-business Hubspot integration. They were quick to respond to our requests and provided all the answers and expertise we needed to get up and running. There were a lot of stakeholders, but they managed to keep us all happy!"  Ed Legge, Group Head of Marketing

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